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Here's a look at our Specials and our menu

$2.75 Puckers, Banana, Hot Sex Shots - Everyday!
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Friday Sat

$3.50 Bombs,

$2 Rootbeer   Shooters,

 $5.00 Pitchers Bud, Bud Light, Miller Lite

 $11.00 Buckets of Bud, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Miller 64 and MGD

$7.75 Buckets of Bud, Bud Light, Select 55, Miller Lite and Miller 64
$10.00 buckets of Corona and Corona Light
$2.50 Blue Moon Pints,

$2 Off ALL Martinis,

$5 Long Islands - Regular, Blue, Pink
$2 All Beer Bottles,

 $3.50 Bombs,

 $5 Long Islands - Regular, Blue, Pink
$2.50 You-call-it's (liquor only), $1.00 upcharge for red bull

 $1.50 Pints of Bud, Bud Light, Miller Lite
$2.25-23Oz. Domestic Drafts,

 $2 Rootbeer Shooters,

 $3 UV Vodkas - All Flavors
$13.50 Domestic Bottles $13.50 Domestic Bottles
Download our menu for your convenience:

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Click here for our monthly lunch menu 11am-2pm

***We now sell Lottery, instant and big games***
***All Sandwiches are half price on Saturdays from 11-7***

Monday 9-Ball: Race to 4, Double elimination. Texas-express format; $15 Entry fee.
Sign up before 7pm Tournament starts at 7:30pm sharp!

Saturday 8-Ball: Played on quarter tables, race to one. Double elimination, flip for the break.

$6 Entry fee Starts at 12:30pm sharp!

 King of the Tables

The tournament will consist of 3 rounds of 3 games each of 8-ball, 9-ball Banks, and 10-ball per round.

8-ball will be played on 7ft tables, 9-ball Banks will be played on 8ft tables, 10-ball will be played on 9ft tables

The Tournament will be determined by the total number of points. Highest total point person is the winner, all other places go from highest to lowest points.

The first 2 rounds are required to qualify for the 3rd and final round. The top 3rd of the field advances to the final round. The points are raised on each round.

1st round points are 10 to the winner and 5 to the loser of each game.
2nd round points are 20 to the winner and 15 to the loser of each game.
3rd round points are 100 to the winner and 75 to the loser of each game.

10 extra points will be awarded to player that wins 2 out of the 3 games

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